These nails were found in the driveway of the Cheshire Fire Station.
These nails were found in the driveway of the Cheshire Fire Station. (Courtesy Photo)

CHESHIRE — When Cheshire Volunteer Firefighters arrived for a weekly drill on Thursday, they discovered nails scattered in front of the station's bay doors.

Police are now actively investigating who may have left the nails, some of which were bent at a 90 degree angle, in a position that may have caused delays for the Fire Department if they responded to an emergency.

"It was definitely intentional," said Cheshire Police Chief Timothy Garner, who is also a volunteer firefighter when not manning a police cruiser.

Given the proximity of the nails to the bay doors, "It wasn't like someone dropped them off their truck," Garner said.

Fortunately, the nails were spotted before any tires passed over them. And while police believe the nails would not have been large enough to puncture and deflate a fire engine's tires, they aren't taking it lightly.

The department lamented the incident in a Facebook post Thursday night that has been shared more than 700 times.

"This type of behavior is ridiculous and criminal, but this is the kind of ridiculousness we deal with. It's unreal how low some people will stoop," the department wrote.

By spreading word through Facebook and the media, police hope someone will come forward with information.

If caught, the perpetrator could face criminal charges, Garner said.

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