ADAMS — Town police believe they captured the fox that bit a youngster out for a swim at Big Basin on Sunday evening.

Police Chief Richard W. Tarsa Jr. said that the fox was discovered Monday evening on Meadow Street. The street is located directly above the area of Big Basin.

Police said that the description of the fox, including a sickly appearance, matches that of the fox caught. However, there is no way to be 100 percent certain that the captured fox is the fox that attacked the child, Tarsa said

Officer David Dean transported the fox to Greylock Animal Hospital in North Adams, where it will be tested for diseases including rabies.

The child who was bitten was accompanied by a parent at the time of the incident. He sustained a bite to the heel and was taken to a local hospital. The child has not been identified.

Rabies is reportedly impacting the Berkshires. Another child was reportedly bitten by a fox in Pittsfield on Aug. 4, and earlier this week, Sheffield Animal Control Officer Martin Clark said that numerous skunks, fox, and woodchuck showing rabies symptoms have been spotted throughout the town.

Nearly half of those infected with rabies in the United States are children under the age of 15, according to information provided by the national Center for Disease Control. Rabies is treatable and most people survive following treatment.


Signs that an animal may have rabies include appearing generally sick, excessive amounts of drool or saliva, an animal that is aggressive and biting at everything or most things in its surroundings, an animal that may seem more tame than expected, and an animal experiencing difficulty moving, according to CDC information.

People should not approach any animal appearing ill. Those who encounter animals displaying these or other unusual symptoms should contact police or a municipal animal control officer immediately.