Sunday September 16, 2012

Ageless wonder Bob Ahlen is at it again.

The Berkshire Hills member has long defied his age in consistently shooting at or below it -- he is currently 83 -- but he took it to a new level at the end of last month, besting his age by an incredible 11 shots with an even-par 72 at Berkshire Hills in a one-day tournament.

"I think it might be my greatest accomplishment," said Ahlen, which is saying something considering his lifetime of great golf.

Ahlen did point out that the tournament was played from the white tees -- he usually plays from the longer blue tees at the Hills -- but that takes nothing away from an amazing feat.

Coincidently, Ahlen said he shot the round right after reading about golf legend Sam Snead shooting 11 shots under his age -- a otherworldly 60 when the PGA Tour's all-time winningest golfer was 71.

Guess Ahlen just needed a little inspiration.

Way to go, Bob!

-- Richard Lord, Berkshire Eagle Staff