PITTSFIELD -- Zach Williams picked up a pair of wins and the Pittsfield High relay teams all won as PHS defeated Mount Anthony 71-23 in county swimming at the Boys and Girls club on friday afternoon.

Freshman Greg Fournier also had a pair of wins for the Generals.

The Patriot girls got a pair of wins by Bridget Ahearn in the 50 and 100 freestyle to beat the Pittsfield girls 61-33.

"Felt pretty good tonight," said Williams. "A double-win night is awesome, but we have a big meet against Monument Mountain next week, and I just need to keep it going."

"Zach had a very good night, and Greg Fournier, a freshman, got his first two wins of his career tonight," said PHS coach Jim Harrington. "Overall, everybody swam pretty well."

"I got what I expected from my girls tonight," said Mount Anthony coach Anna Swierad. "Bridget and Kate Ahearn, Emily Barlow and Phebe Hall all came though. I think Bridget was the only double-winner tonight, but we got a good effort from everyone."
Swierad also praised her best male swimmer, Ryan Spencer, a double winner in the 200 IM and the 100 backstroke.

"Ryan was his consistent self," she said.

In the boys meet, the Generals took commaned with a quartet of consecutive 1-2 finishes in the 50 free, 100 butterfly, the 100 free and the 500 free.

That pushed the score from 23-11 to 44-14 and the home team was in charge.

The best race of the night for the boys side was the 500 freestyle, with Maxwell Spence edging teammate Cian Troy, 6:53.51 to 6:53.94.

On the girls’ side, the Patriots trailed Pittsfield after two races, 11-7. But Hall and Kate Ahearn finished 1-3 in the 200 individual medley and Bridget Ahearn and Jena Staab were 1-3 in the next race, the 50 free, to give the visitors a little breathing room.

The Pittsfield girls were still hanging around, down 30-20, when Emily Barlow and K.C. Tiffany finished first and second in the 500 freestyle to help Mount Anthony pull away for good.