If you were watching MLB Network on Tuesday, you had to wonder where Harold Reynolds was going when he asked Bob Costas who his favorite rapper was. After you heard his answer, you probably wished you gave Costas more credit.

Bob Costas gives 'props' to Ludacris, raps his music (WATCH)

While he didn't go so far as to name him his favorite rapper, Costas gave "props" to Ludacris, who according to Costas, was the first rapper to "name check" the sports personality.As an homage to Ludacris, Costas even proceeded to rattle off the line from "Hip Hop Quotables" that mentioned him. Now I roll up torpedoes,get blunted with rastas.For a hefty fee,I'm on your record like Bob Costas.Of course, this just leaves us wondering: Is Jim Nantz more a Nelly ...

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