"Sicario' is a chilling drama about the bloody, lawless drug trade

10/02/2015 03:59 PM EDT
The billion-dollar drug trade along the U.S.-Mexico border is so bloody and lawless, the line between right and wrong has become impossibly blurred. 
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Matt Damon provides the heart of worthy new sci-fi adventure
10/02/2015 02:24 PM EDT - Without Matt Damon, the solitary fight for survival on Mars would be lonely indeed. Full Story

BIFF: A true story gets a narrative retelling in 'Freeheld'
10/02/2015 06:51 AM EDT - GREAT BARRINGTON — It's amazing just how far an Academy Award — together with a lot of chutzpah, determination, persistence and faith — can take you. Full Story

"Everest" actors trained hard
09/25/2015 04:54 PM EDT - LOS ANGELES >> Jason Clarke was already an avid outdoorsman when he signed on to play the lead role in "Everest. Full Story

"Hotel Transylvania 2" a marked improvement over original
09/25/2015 01:41 PM EDT - Some notable upgrades have been made for "Hotel Transylvania 2," the sequel to the 2012 Adam Sandler animated vehicle that took a sizable bite out of the box office but proved to be less accommodating where the cobweb-bare script was concerned. Full Story

New comedy, "The Intern," is a retro exercise
09/25/2015 01:41 PM EDT - The world of Nancy Meyers sure is beautiful. But her studied production design and dreamy interiors have become such a focal point, that they've almost eclipsed her storytelling. Full Story

"Everest" falls short of its potential
09/24/2015 12:02 PM EDT - "Everest" is not an easy movie to watch. No entertainment that contains such tragedy should be. Full Story

Director Wes Ball following in shoes of his idols
09/22/2015 04:11 PM EDT - UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIF. >> Wes Ball didn't mean to have a signature hat. Full Story

Lily Tomlin in peak form in "Grandma"
09/19/2015 07:04 AM EDT - A movie about a wisecracking grandma and her teen granddaughter, racing around in a beat-up car to find $600 by nightfall. Full Story

'Maze Runner' sequel falls short of original
09/18/2015 02:19 PM EDT - LOS ANGELES >> Wes Ball's adaptation of the first book from James Dashner's "Maze Runner" young adult novels, about a group of teens consigned to a mysterious labyrinth, yielded a feature that proved it could compete for the same audience as the "Hunger Games" and "Divergent" series. Full Story