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Money is the spur for 'Terminator Genisys'

07/01/2015 05:42 AM EDT
Thirty-one years and counting, and the Terminators keep rolling off the assembly line like new iPhones, upgraded with shape-shifting abilities, rebooted Sarah Conner assassination levels and, one presumes, better selfie cameras. 
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Film Clips
06/25/2015 02:19 PM EDT - Dope (R): This coy, over-the-top Sundance hit about a couple of high school geeks who get entangled in a gangster culture hooks you fast and strong; a fresh and slightly rebellious take on the series-of-escalating-events story. Full Story

'Ted 2': Too much of a silly thing
06/25/2015 02:19 PM EDT - "Ted 2" asks a question that we never needed, or particularly wanted, to know the answer to: Is Ted, the magical, foul-mouthed, pot-smoking teddy bear, a person in the eyes of the law? Full Story

"Inside Out" goes straight to the heart
06/20/2015 07:51 AM EDT - "Inside Out," the latest Pixar punch to the heart, navigates the labyrinth of a young girl's mind in an antic, candy-colored romp through childhood memory to arrive, finally, gloriously, at epiphany. Full Story

Geeks go gangster
06/19/2015 02:33 PM EDT - "Dope" hooks you fast and strong. The coy, over-the-top Sundance hit from writer-director Rick Famuyiwa about a couple of geeks who get entangled in gangster culture is a fresh and slightly rebellious take on the series of escalating events story Our hero, Malcolm (Shameik Moore), is introduced in his senior year of high school. Full Story

Film clips
06/18/2015 11:05 AM EDT - Dope (R): A chance encounter with a drug dealer at a birthday party that turns violent turns into a wild adventure for a high school senior and his pals who bond over '90s culture and playing in their own punk band. Full Story

Images slates outdoor flicks
06/17/2015 04:48 PM EDT - WILLIAMSTOWN >> Images Cinema will present its ninth annual Family Flicks Under the Stars outdoor film series on Sundays in July at sundown. Full Story

'Jurassic World' smothered by corporate imperatives
06/11/2015 05:34 AM EDT - Along the scaly spine of the Tyrannosaurus Rex runs the evolution of Hollywood blockbustering. Full Story

Film Clips: What's playing at the movies
06/05/2015 05:44 AM EDT - Aloha (PG-13): The story, briefly, is about the once idealistic Brian (Bradley Cooper) who sold his soul to a military contractor (a nearly comatose Bill Murray) and has returned to Hawaii for a job. Full Story

'San Andreas' has the feel of summer
05/29/2015 11:45 AM EDT - Needless to say, it's a very big earthquake. It starts at the Hoover Dam, snakes its way west to Los Angeles, then cuts north through Bakersfield on the way to the big enchilada, San Francisco. Full Story

140 pairs of underwear stolen from store hit by 4 bra heists

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. (AP) — First they took the bras. Now they've come back for the panties. Police say 140 pairs of underwear have been stolen from a northeast Pennsylvania store that's been struck by four bra heists since February. Full Story
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Eager eaters weigh-in ahead of NYC July 4 hot dog contest

NEW YORK (AP) — Four avid eaters have hit the scales ahead of the annual July Fourth hot dog eating contest at Coney Island's Nathan's Famous. Full Story
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Did Tiger Woods cheat with Amanda Dufner?

Lindsey Vonn reportedly caught golfer with his competitor’s ex-wife, which is likely why they aren’t dating anymore.