To the editor of THE EAGLE:

In regards to the former Plunkett School, obviously no one wants to buy this money pit of a building. This city has forced out the Berkshire Mall, the remodeling of Wahconah Park by Jim Bouton, the Berkshire Carousel and more because it does not fit into the city’s "Master Plan." Arts and culture cannot be this city’s only attraction.

We should consider ourselves lucky any business would want to build here no matter how big or small. If the intersection of First and Tyler works with an even busier convenience store/gas station why would this be any worse? And do not blame the post office. The peak traffic times do not coincide. The post office problem is mostly due to the lazy people who do not use its parking lot directly across the street. Instead, they sit in Fenn Street waiting for front row parking.

Get off your high horse, Pittsfield. A business is a business and a job is a job.