DALTON -- Seniors may again find housing at the former Curtis Manor Retirement Home.

The owners of the building this week received the final permit they’d been seeking to complete project there by April.

Co-owners Richard Solis and Joseph Kroboth envision the former 23-bed nursing home, which consists of three buildings, becoming market-priced single bedroom apartments for tenants 55 and older.

Dalton Zoning Board of Appeals on Tuesday granted the owners, who operate as Dalton Senior Apartment LLC, a special-use permit allowing them to open the business.

Solis said he expects work to pick up in January.

"We’re where we should be with things at this point," he said Thursday. "We’ve got the units all framed, but we’ll probably wait out the appeal process before we start working again."

A 20-day public appeals process follows the ZBA’s decision. Solis said he doesn’t expect any residents to take issue with the plans.

SK Design Group created the project design. It calls for 11 parking spaces, which the ZBA permitted by granting the permit, even though it’s below what the town bylaw specifies -- 1.5 parking spaces per unit.

Solis and other project advocates said senior housing requires fewer spaces.

However, space exists to add two more.

"We already have an alternative in our plan to accommodate 13 (spaces)," Solis said. "But we figured, ‘Why take up green space if you don’t have to.’ I would rather have lawn and trees until its known to be necessary."

The ownership hasn’t determined the price of rent. Solis said Greylock Federal Credit Union supports the project and anticipates granting the owners a loan to complete the conversion after the appeals process is complete.

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