The Eagle Santa Fund is under way and its goal is to raise $45,000 to make the holiday season brighter for local children. The Santa Fund has raised more than $10,000 to date.

Contributions can be listed in the donor's name, in memory of loved ones or anonymously. Donors and their contributions will be listed in the paper unless otherwise noted. Donations are tax-deductible.

Donations can be mailed to The Eagle Santa Fund, P.O. Box 1171, Pittsfield, MA 01202, or dropped off at The Berkshire Eagle office at 75 S. Church St. in Pittsfield.

Today's gifts

Collin Wellman, fourth-grader, and sister, who sold rainbow loom bracelets at his school's bookfair. 69

Merry Xmas! Stretch & Shorty 25

John Marchisio Heavy & Specialized Trucking 200

Bill & Suzanne 25

Jim & Pat Mazzeo 25

Ruth White 25

Martha Selke 100

Thinking of You "Both" with much Love. From Ernie & Joan 25

Bill & Janet Kerwood 25

Robert & Rosalie Teichert 50

Bill & Susan Seely 50

Mary & Mario 30

JMT Brokerage, Inc. 200

Theresa Tracy's Fitness water classes at Pittsfield Family YMCA 160

A Blessed and Happy Christmas to our Family & Friends Peg Gregory & Family 50

Merry Christmas to Bryan, Rachel, Collin, Hayden & Camaron From Grandpa & Grandma Claffie 20

Merry Christmas Sam & Sheila Mercuri 25

George Platt 100

Judianne O'Brien 25

Ed & Linda LaPointe 25

Mark Delsoldato 30

Helen & Don McIntyre 25

Merry Christmas Peter & Kate Murphy 100

Merry Christmas Children Barbara J. Wuinee 25

Merry Xmas to all my friends & neighbors "Josie" Kelly 25

PHS Class of "1953" 120

In Honor of Katie & Abigail 25

Friends Grille 300

With gratitude for our family & Christmas traditions Walt & Elaine LaPierre 25

In Honor of Carson Thomas Connolly 150

Dave Pope 100

June Marketonis 25

Merry Christmas from The Connors

Family 25

Gram & Missy We miss you. Love Dan & Em 25

O.S.I.A ITAM LODGE #564 150

Merry Christmas to Friends, Neighbors & Loved Ones Lee Perri 25

The Conte/Westside Retirees Breakfast Group: Laura & Tom Gardner, Donna & Bill Donovan, Ellie & Art Rodda, Gary Clarkson, Donald L. Taylor, Anne Gravel, Peggy Nelson, Irene Frazier, Linda Abderhalden, Sue Collins, Gerry Crane, Prudy Barton, Sally Taylor, Sue Plummer, Carole Devanny, Mary Miner, Joan Jones, Kate Ciliberti, Walt Henderson, Donna & Mike Meyer, Nancy-Jean Lee. 175

In memory of:

Joy G. Johnson 100

GUN SMOKE from Jim 20

The Fun Skinny Dipping at Shadow Brook Beach From Jim 20

My Father, Joe 20

Rosemary Marley, Vera Gratton, Cindy Todd 20

Barbara Duston Burow Francese 25

Bob Driscoll from the Pittsfield Piston Poppers Car Club 100

Our Daughter, Laura From David & Carol Weissbrod 30

Walt Watroba who Loved Christmas 20

Our Daughter Elizabeth, Our Parents, Gram, Aunt Mary, Aunt Rosie, Cousin Michael and Uncle Donnie 25 444

Mike Minella From MaryAnn, Mike, Mary & Jack 25

Pearl Harbor Veteran Paul Siok from Wife Dorothy 20

Pearl Harbor Veteran Chet Stoklosa from companion Dorothy 20

Pvt. Stephen Potash & Joseph Potash Seaman from Sister Dorothy Siok 20

Jennie Walczyk Croteau from Dorothy Siok 20

Tony Riello From Eileen, Victoria, Anthony, Heidi, Gare & A.J. 25

My Beloved Son, Scott Allan Austin Sadly missed, Mom 25

Deceased family members & my best friend, Sue O'Connor Love, Helen 25

John E. Taikowski from all of your family 50

Deceased Schmich and Taikowski families from Richard, Joan & Family 50

In Memory of Julia DeGiorgis A great Wife & Mother 50

Christine Vanhoenacker 150.00

John Gajda 50

Robert E. Kushi, Love Wife Jeanette & Children 25

Denise Iorio & Kitty 20

My Friend Denise Filkins, Love Terry 25

Henrietta Campbell and Leonore McDermott Love Lin & Don 25

My Mother, Mary E. "NiNi" Cardella 50

My husband, Angelo "Buzz" Buzzanco 50

My Husband, my Son and my Grandson 50

In Loving Memory of the deceased Martin, Moon, Kie & O'Brien Families, Belle O'Brien 25

Our Sister, Betty Norton, Love & Miss you. Rich & Belle 50

Our parents, Robert & Irene Crossley. Love from Bruce & Janice Crossley and Joyce & Garry Lahey 50

Sarah G., Love Gary & Sue Gulbranson 25

Dorothy Wilson, Love Gary & Sue

Gulbranson 25

My Wonderful Mother 250

In Loving Memory of My Wife, Pat Nichols & My Son Danny Nichols 25

"Kell" Love " Josie" & "Family" 25

Our Son, Alan Robitaille 25

Family & Friends Sue & Don 25

My Mother, Marge Johnston I MISS YOU SO MUCH. Love, Your Daughter, Wendy 50

Frank and Florence Carnevale, Wilfred and Anna Perkins, Joseph Perkins, Denise Perkins and Elmer Pelkey, with Love from Michael, Celeste 100

Phil McHugh Love Sue & Mark 50

My Husband "Bob" 25

My beautiful Granddaughter, Jessica Lynn Gable From Gramma Donna 50

Rosario & Richard Stracuzzi from Family 25

Chip & Joan Munger and Julius & Grace Tomasi 50 Shindy Weigand From Bill 25


Anonymous 50.

Anonymous 200

Anonymous 25

Anonymous 25

In Lieu of Cards

From Mary Robins, Vero Beach Fl and Memory of Bill Robins, Jr. From Mary 100

In lieu of Christmas Cards

Merry Christmas ! Helen Austin 25

Merry Christmas to all our friends & family Josie Buzzanco 25

Memory of Manvel (Kinki) Gomes 25

Today's Total: $5,074.00

Total to Date: $10,385.00

Needed to Reach Goal:. . . . $34,615.004