I write in protest of the "celebration," as I preceive, in your newspaper of the astronomical prices being paid for property in the Berkshires, prices that are beyond all reason and common sense and value!

"Stockbridge Farm sells for $4.5 million" with its 3,500 square foot guesthouse -- in a community that has need for "Construct" to house the "homeless."

"A Pope’s pointed message" was carried in The Eagle the day before; alas it falls on deaf ears. "Unregulated capitalism," "globalization of indifference"...you glamorize, apotheosize profligacy. Enough!

"If we are to be non-violent, we must not wish for anything on this earth which the meanest and lowest forms of human beings cannot have ... If those of us who are wealthy with possessions and knowledge and freedom would choose to live as simply as the poorest, there would be no despised lower class, and the whole society would improve." -- Gandhi.


Great Barrington