Without knowledge, democracy fails.

Williamstown’s knowledge is inadequate on flood protection for the town’s longtime senior mobile park, The Spruces. Without full and unbiased studies, voters depend on guesswork.

Perhaps a town bias exists toward nudging low-income residents to go away permanently. High income people give more taxes and take less services (and the rich somehow signify higher social status for everyone else).

Meanwhile, qualified lawyers and engineers seem scarce or absent to a) demand full studies for flood control engineered in eco-friendly ways (think Holland); and b) demand an end to FEMA’s policy of expelling people from the Hoosac Valley as if this stream here was the mighty Mississippi or a desert flash flood stream fed by the mighty Rockies.

The region’s absence for dollars for ecologic lawyers and landscape engineers and such seems a strange poverty pose by a region where the NPR station can raise $100,000 in a day and Williams College can spend $100 million lately on new construction. But no dollars for The Spruces anti-flood studies?

So, try an absurdism view: ask Holland for foreign aid. This was once Dutch colonial space. Holland knows how to do flood control without crushing their tulips and without crushing people.


North Adams