I would like to congratulate the Lee and Egremont Selectmen on their final selections for chiefs of police. It is admirable that they chose well qualified people who were also members of our Berkshire community. These men know the communities they will serve.

The new police chief in Egremont was also an applicant in Stockbridge. What I, and many others voters and taxpayers in Stockbridge who were hoping that Brian Shaw would be our chief would like to know is: what different criteria were used in Stockbridge than in Egremont or Lee? Why could those two towns hire one of their own and Stockbridge could not?

I circulated a petition in Stockbridge urging the Select Board to choose someone from our current police force who had worked with Chief Wilcox, who knew us, and whom we knew. In less than two days, I got 82 signatures from voters and taxpayers of Stockbridge. Given more time there would have well been more, and yet the desires of the voters and taxpayers were ignored by our Select Board. They were in love with their outside consultant and deaf to the people.

Our form of government in Berkshire towns and villages is the closest to pure democracy left and yet we seem to have a Select Board that ignores the will of the people.

The people of Stockbridge deserve to be heeded, respected, and responded to.