PITTSFIELD -- A city man who police say stole a donation can for a child with cancer is now serving an 18-month jail sentence for that crime and a series of other larcenies.

Ryan Mochon, 26, of Curtis Street, was involved in a series of thefts -- from sunglasses to a chainsaw to steaks -- going back to last December, including the theft of a donation jar with $50 inside, police said.

On Oct. 22, Mochon and another man, Joshua Honiker, 26, went to East Street Video at 10 Lyman St., and while Honiker distracted the clerk, Mochon stole a donation jar that was sitting on the checkout counter, police said.

The donation jar was for a 6-year-old cancer patient named Nick, according to the police report. The store's owner told police the money was given to the boy's family on a regular basis to help offset the cost of treating the child's cancer.

Mochon and Honiker both were charged with felony larceny from a building. Honiker's case remains pending. Monchon pleaded guilty on Wednesday in a number of cases.

Police and prosecutors say that just days after the East Street Video theft, Mochon stuffed a large amount of meat up his sweatshirt and tried to walk out of the Big Y on West Street and then stole a number of video games from BJ's Wholesale Club on Hubbard Avenue.

The month before, he was busted shoplifting merchandise worth more than $100 from the Target in Lanesborough, police said. And last December, police said, he stole more than $2,000 worth of power tools from Home Depot on Hubbard Avenue.

Another case, just last month, involved the theft of a large screen television from Walmart in Pittsfield.

According to the Berkshire District Attorney's Office, Mochon used the proceeds from the thefts to support his drug habit. They were asking for a 2-year jail term for Mochon with in-jail drug treatment.

On Tuesday in Central Berkshire District Court, Mochon's attorney, Thomas M. Sherman Jr., said his client had "hit rock bottom" and wanted to get clean. He asked for seven months in jail, a year's probation and drug treatment.

Judge Fredric D. Rutberg ordered Mochon to serve 18 months at the Berkshire County Jail & House of Correction with in-house drug treatment. Another 18 months in jail was suspended for two years. During that time, Mochon will be on probation and must refrain from consuming illegal drugs and alcohol and will be required to submit to random screens.