HINSDALE -- Selectmen kept mum about plans concerning Hinsdale Police Chief Nancy Daniels, though they discussed the matter in executive session Wednesday.

"I can't comment on the executive session," said Hinsdale Select Board Chairwoman Bonnie Conner.

Prior to Wednesday's regular meeting, Selectmen convened with the town's attorney and Daniels and her attorney and an attorney representing the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association.

The topic was Daniels' future with the town.

Two weeks ago, the board placed Daniels on administrative leave because she has not completed training that is mandated by the state for all full-time police officers.

According to Conner, Daniels cannot serve as chief until she's completed this training.

On the opposing side, residents angered by the move say it was unnecessary.

Daniels, they say, should be reduced to 32 hours per week. Such an arrangement would circumvent the state requirement and allow Daniels to remain chief, they say.

Daniels has indicated her willingness to do so.

Conner declined to answer when a decision would be made regarding Daniels.