To the Editor of THE EAGLE:

Mr. Pitney’s letter ("The ‘arrogance’ of Time Warner, Dec. 12) about Time Warner’s arrogance is right on the money -- and money, of course, is what it’s all about. Berkshire County is just too small for Time Warner to care -- unless of course, your payment is late!

Unfortunately, the 1996 federal Telecommunications Act lumped us in the Albany, N.Y., market area, and while state Reps. Gail Cariddi and Smitty Pignatelli, among others, have tried to mitigate the damage, nothing has helped. Indeed, Time Warner has even refused to meet with Ms. Cariddi to discuss the issues.

1. New England Patriots games are frequently bumped for the hapless New York Jets.

2. When Patriots games are broadcast, Time Warner punishes our local fan base by showing them on the non-HD version of WBZ4.

3. Frequent threats of losing Boston channels 4 and 5.

4. The upcoming loss of a true gem: New England Cable News, which, interestingly, is owned by Time Warner competitor Comcast.

We need Sen. Ed Markey, one of the authors of Federal Communications Act, to weigh in big time. In the meantime, Rep. Cariddi, who has long fought this battle, recommends everyone file a complaint with the FCC, as she has repeatedly. You can do this at:

They keep track of the complaints and you can see them on their website. In the absence of a free marketplace, monopolies are supposed to be: a) regulated for the common good, and b) be responsive to their customers. Time Warner has been neither.

We had better service and value with Adelphia, and the owner of that company eventually went to jail!