PITTSFIELD -- A city man is facing a minimum of five years in prison after a traffic stop by Pittsfield Police allegedly turned up a loaded gun and drugs.

Jarvis L. Chadwell, 30, of Robbins Avenue, was the passenger in a Toyota Corolla that was pulled over by officers on Division Street about 7:45 p.m. Thursday for failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign and then failing to use its turn signal, police said. When officers, who were in plainclothes and in an unmarked cruiser, approached the vehicle they smelled marijuana.

Chadwell allegedly admitted he had marijuana on him and handed it over to the police. They determined it was packaged for sale and arrested Chadwell. When frisking him, police said they found crack cocaine also packaged for sale.

A loaded Lorcin .25 caliber pistol was allegedly found in the purse of the vehicle's driver, Amanda Obert, 25, of Lanesborough. Chadwell later told police he had pulled the gun from his waistband prior to the stop and put in the woman's purse. Obert confirmed that account.

Chadwell pleaded not guilty in Central Berkshire District Court on Friday to charges of possession with the intent to distribute cocaine and marijuana, second offense carrying a firearm without a license and possessing ammunition without a license.

The carrying a firearm charge, because it is a second offense, carries a minimum mandatory five years in state prison upon conviction.

According to the Berkshire District Attorney's Office, Chadwell was convicted in 2005 of possessing a firearm without a license and sentenced to a year in jail.

They asked that he be held on $10,000 bail on the new case.

Chadwell's lawyer, Thomas C. Doyle, said his client had been released the night before on bail and appeared in court.

"There's no need for any additional bail in this case," he told the court.

The lawyer said Chadwell had been cooperative during the arrest, was from the area and was a father active in the lives of his children.

Judge Fredric D. Rutberg released Chadwell on $1,000 bail. He is due back in court Jan. 30.

Obert denied charges of misdemeanor possession of a firearm and ammunition without a license and two traffic infractions. She is represented by attorney Michelle Mechta.

The pair was additionally cited for not having their seat belts fastened.

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