To the editor of THE EAGLE

Well, well, finally Time Warner has made another blunder against the consumers. This time legislators are getting involved. Time Warner deserves that attention.

Instead of taking a very good channel, NECN, off the air to save money they should delete Channel 9. That channel is absolutely terrific. Watch it for a couple of hours. It is like watching grass grow.

Time Warner just does not want to publicly admit it was a gross mistake.

I have watched my cable bill continue to grow since Time Warner took over. It is three times what it once was.

The legislators should put the heat on Time Warner with a public hearing to air the problems with this autocratic company -- the my way or no way attitude. Don’t they realize that 40 percent of the city’s population is elderly?

I believe the city has a Cable Commission. When the cable company wanted to make anti-consumer changes the commission held public hearings to question the changes. Some meetings were rather spirited.

We cannot allow companies to say our way or no way, which they have done with the NECN situation.

So be it!