To the Editor of THE EAGLE:

Now that some of the dust has begun to settle after the so- called resignation of Peter Bell, let me tell you about the Peter Bell I know and his past association with the Pittsfield Boys & Girls Club.

Many of you know what a big part of the Boys and Girls Club is to the city of Pittsfield as well as the lives of many past, present and non-members alike. It certainly seems sad and dark at the club without Peter Bell leading the way. The only thing Peter seems guilty of during this resignation is he wasn’t the board of director’s yes man or puppet. There wasn’t any ethical or moral violation that Peter was involved in.

When Peter started as director many years back he had a vision on what direction the club needed to go to stay viable in today’s trying society, and personally the club has never looked better. The new warm and inviting lobby entrance and the club’s grand gym and its needed makeover are just a few of the much-needed improvements that Peter championed during his tenure. He always had the best interest of the club member and programs in mind.

Regardless of any child’s sports ability and game know-how he always made them feel they were a positive part of the Boys and Girls Club team or activity. That’s the Peter Bell
I know.

He’s always the first guy to jump in and give you a hand. That’s the Peter Bell that I know.

A baseball coach that many people in Pittsfield said was the best baseball coach they ever had was Peter Bell. That’s the Peter Bell that I know.

The guy who would stand next to you and support you in good or bad. That’s the Peter Bell I know.

A good-hearted stand-up, no frills guy. That’s the Peter Bell I know.