To the editor of THE EAGLE:

This great nation was founded on differences and through many struggles we have achieved great heights in civil rights. Yet there lies lurking in plain sight a group of intolerance donning not cloaks and hoods, preferring chiming bells and kettles to collect money from unwary consumers.

The Salvation Army has long been adored by the public for its help in the poverty stricken community, seeming to be willing to reach out to anyone in need. A group with this quality would be the last one suspected to be quoted saying, "Homosexuals should be put to death." Perhaps that was only the view of one Major Andrew Craibe with 32 years of experience with the Salvation Army. Why then would the Salvation Army try to get a resolution passed so that the charity could ignore non-discrimination laws?

If the rest of this country must follow laws that embrace fellowship, it would seem foolish that a charity would want to go above such laws, or to even think it should have that right.

If you support the rights of your fellow man please skip the kettle of the Salvation Army in favor of a charity that does not actively discriminate against the LGBT community.