To the editor of THE EAGLE:

As everyone knows, Time Warner plans to drop New England Cable News as of Dec. 31. As I sit watching it this (Monday) morning, a special news report just came on. Four buildings at Harvard University have been evacuated due to a bomb scare. This was about 9 a.m. It is now about 1:45 p.m. and two of the buildings have been cleared. Two are still being searched. It has been continuous coverage. There was also a report of a person with a gun at UMass Boston that turned out to be false, thank God.

I for one, want to keep NECN. Would we get this coverage on a New York news station?

When or did Pittsfield become part of Albany? Would we have gotten the coverage of the marathon bombing that we did with NECN? I think not! Would we have gotten as much coverage of the terrible shooting in Newtown as we did on NECN on the New York stations? I think not!

New England Cable News is our last link to Boston news. Boston is our capital. We want to know what happens there. What about our election coverage?

We need to stick together and let Time Warner know Pittsfield is not part of Albany! Let’s remember, Boston Strong/Massachusetts Strong! Let us keep New England Cable News!