NORTH ADAMS -- A Troy, N.Y., man was sentenced to two years in jail on Tuesday for the beating of a city resident in a McDonald's parking lot earlier this year.

David Landfear, 28, was one of three men to assault Todd Walker at the Union Street McDonald's, leaving Walker with several cranial fractures and hearing loss in his right ear.

Landfear was found guilty in Northern Berkshire District Court of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and aggravated assault and battery.

Landfear's defense attorney and the Assistant District Attorney both recommended a sentence of two years in Berkshire County Jail and House of Correction, to which Judge Michael Ripps consented.

Omar Lopez, 22, of Brook Terrace, North Adams, was sentenced to six months in jail for the assault in November and Keith Larabee, 18, of Chase Avenue, North Adams, was handed two years in August.

Security footage from McDonald's showed Landfear kicking Walker in the chest while he lay on the ground, according to the criminal complaint filed by North Adams Police. Landfear was later identified by an anonymous tip.

Walker was taken to Albany Medical Center for treatment after the assault.