NORTH ADAMS -- Despite Black Friday sales, fears of empty shelves, or just running out of time, holiday shoppers across Northern Berkshire rushed into local stores over the weekend to purchase those last-minute gifts.

"Some people's minds don't work until the last minute," Michael Cicchinelli, of Clifton Park N.Y., said Saturday, as he helped a friend pick out gifts at Persnickety Toys on Eagle Street in North Adams.

Shoppers thronged Spring Street in Williamstown Saturday afternoon as they browsed stores looking for that special gift or bargain hunting.

"It's been getting more intense as the day goes on," Ken Gietz, co-owner of Where'id You Get That? in Williamstown said.

The store is discounting items during the last hour of each business day through Christmas Eve.

According to Gietz, the discounts and offer of free gift-wrapping aren't the only thing drawing customers to the store.

"People want to go someplace with a hometown feeling," he said.

"It's a nice little store," John Leahy, a shopper from Grafton, N.Y., said as he waited in line. Leahy said he didn't plan on being a last-minute shopper.

"I thought I had most of it done. There seems to be an endless amount of people on my list," he said.

In Adams, Carolyn Albert, owner of Kit and Kaboodle, said that even though her Park Street store was busy all day on Saturday, she doesn't believe she's seen the last of the "last minute shoppers" yet.

"You wait, Tuesday night I bet you this place will be packed," she said.

The store had a special visit by Santa and Mrs. Claus on Saturday and will continue to offer discounts and markdowns all week.

Persnickety Toys was also inundated with customers trying to find the right gift on Saturday.

"Maybe people all have been busy working," Monique Suters, owner of Persnickety Toys, said. "Today was great. I've had a lot of last minute tricklers in."

The store also offers discounts, free gift wrapping and special hours like the other area retailers. Suters said she knows that even more last minute shoppers are in the store's future.

"I'll be here on Tuesday until 4 p.m.," she said.