I'd like to add to CD Nelsen's fine recommendation (letter, Dec. 18) by urging us to all take up righting the inequalities in our society on an everyday basis and to add our workplaces to the list or anywhere else you may see someone treated unfairly. For it is truly Christian when your co-worker, neighbor or friend is getting a raw deal to extend a hand, for the true spirit of Christ is to love.

As He said, "love one another, as I have loved you." In doing so, with each act of love, we create the world we'd like to live in. Buddha said "all our thoughts make up the world." I'll add "all our actions make up the world." Let's create the world we want to live in; our choice is to create good or evil.

As a Catholic Christian I abhor the consumerization of our sacred holy day which paganism and crass commercialization promote almost as a generic holiday for everyone, often demeaning it and taking it far from the meaning of "Christ Mass." It is up to each of us who love Jesus to put the Christ back into Christmas in our own personal way by thought, word and deed.