The Eagle Santa Fund is underway and its goal is to raise $45,000 to make the holiday season brighter for local children. The Santa Fund has raised more than $27,707 to date.

Contributions can be listed in the donor's name, in memory of loved ones or anonymously. Donors and their contributions will be listed in the paper unless otherwise noted. Donations are tax-deductible.

Donations can be mailed to The Eagle Santa Fund, P.O. Box 1171, Pittsfield, MA 01202, or dropped off at The Berkshire Eagle office at 75 S. Church St. in Pittsfield. Correction:

In Loving Memory to my beloved Husband, Valentino DiNicola I miss you so very much, Love You forever, Wife Angie, and to my nephew Dan DiNicola, Miss you lots, Love Aunt Angie

Today's gifts:

From the Students & Teachers in Grade 7 Nessacus Middle School 72

Jingle Bell Run 2013 hosted by Berkshire Running Center: The following donated and/or participated in this years run, raising $780 for the Eagle Santa Fund! Becky Armstrong, Robyn Staubach, Megan Whilden, Anne Wehry, Dari Woodger, Scott Woodger, Sarah DeJesus, Emanuel Brown, Bernie Kennedy, Aleisha Gibbons, Tom DuBois, Cindy Shogry-Raimer, Erica Florin, Dan Radacsi, Steve Roberts, Christine Arace, Heather Knight, Jenn Bell, Jessica Willis, Aimee Bernardo, Shane Bernardo, Sally Dodge,Kevin-Crosier, Luke Breslin, Michael Menard, Jodi Locke, Teri Leja, Amber Hemenway, Anthony Marchetto, Becky Brein, Kurt Kuehnel, Elaine Roccabruna, Michele Wojtkowski, Laura Volastro, Jeannie Ortega, Matt Ortega, Matt Bernardo, Maria Sirois, Jessie Sirois, Doug McAvoy, Anne Rochleau, Maddie Holmes, The Anello's , Blaine Freadman, Art Reilly, Cara Reilly, Eric R. Haywood, Jamie Lahey, Jodie Lahey, Heidi Ferren, George Whaling, Kim Gero, The Hickeys, Jack and Abby Archey, Kent and Shiobbean Lemme, Doreen Donovan, The Glockner Family, Eric Kirchner. Thanks to all who participated and donated. Special thanks to the First Street Dunkin Donuts for the after race coffee! 780

Bob & Elaine Lee 50

Chuck & Karen Varney 100

Gabriel & Najwa Squailia 20

Merry Christmas Kathy Mele and Jack
Coffey, From Pat & Tom 150

June Ann Mason 25

Mrs. R. M. Graves 70

Grace M. Briggs 25

Bruce & Barbara Munson 25

Nancy & Phil Considine 25

Genzabella Family 50

Merry Christmas from the BMC Med. Rec. Cellar-dwellers 50

Lawrence & Glenora Porter 25

John & Martha Kulpinski 50

William E. Briggs & Donald Usher 100

Jack & Liz Lott 20

In Honor of Silvia de Medeiros (Nails by
Silva) From Ileen Cohen 25

Sara & Jon Budish, Happy Holidays 1,000

Elisa & Erin 100

Don & Ella Campbell 50

In Honor of the Faculty & Staff at
Farmington River Elementary School 50

Wahconah Welding Inc. 100

In memory of:

Reno and our Annies 25

Darby, Smokey, Koko and Shadow -- The Best animals in the world, from Judith
Anne Crowell 80

Family members, Lloyd & Mary Engle,
Marylou Farnsworth, Louis J. Mazza 30

Jack Carter. We miss you. Linda, Jay &
Tara 50

Our daughter, Mary Jo Coughlan, from
Mom & Dad 25

Louie Tezza (Daughter Linda) & Family 25

Louis M. Shogry Jr. 25

My Parents, John & Joanna Farrell, Love Cindy 25

My Husband, Edmund J. Hospod 50

Terri Hospod from her God Mother Virginia Koldys 25

Our Parents Alexander & Teofila Koldys 25

Our brothers Francis E. (Frank) Koldys and Raymond J. Koldys and our sister-in-law Jean Kolyds 25

Jennie Pasterczyk 25

My Husband, Henry F. Rainka, from his
wife Cecelia & Children 25

Gateano Mastrodicasa and John & Anne FitzGerald 100

William "PA" Kennedy & Jackie "Grammy" Kennedy, Love, Stephen & Tommy Bates
& Peyton Doyle 50

The Raymond & Sally Matteson Family, Brother Ray, Sisters Barbara Cusson and Rita Ramsdell, the "K" Lady, Al & Angie Rennie, Michael, Judith Ann & Nicholas Mazzeo, Nando Campana, Love Dave & Mary Rennie, Shirley Campana 75

Paul Dowd from Pat & Bob Tucker 100

Grand-Dad-Bob-Jack, Addison & William
Farkas 25

Keith Bond -- My Love forever -- Donna 25

Katherine T. Quaglietti, Love, Your
Family 50

Our parents, Raymond & Marie Fischer,
Francis & Dorothy Heidel, From Linda
& Ray Fischer 25

Joyce Cady 20

Carol McGurn, Harold Gitelson, Bones Sheran, Kinky Gomes, Norman Najime,
Bill Carty, Dick Girardey 50

All Blair Family Members, All Taylor Family Members, Sandy & Bill, Love Judy &
Family 20

Old Friends Mince & Spanky 5

Loving Wife, Marie St. Peter Gallagher,
Love Jim & Our Kids 50

Joe Mendonca with Love from your Wife,
Children & Grandkids 100

Dottie & Bill Geary and Catherine & Charlie Fezzie from Mardi & Butch 25

Loving Mother, Patricia Street. Always a Christmas Angel here on Earth and now
in Heaven 50

Our Parents Dan & Peg, Francis & Candace; Our Brothers Dan & Bill; Our Daughter Denise & Grand Daughter Darby 20

Win & Julia Knowlton, Love from Nancy,
Children and Grandson 20

Our "Bump & Uncle Tim" Shaun, Mellissa, Wayne, Bryan, Kimberly, Daniel, Alexia, Joshua, Connor, Nathan, Kalise, Jack, Kalven & our new Baby Timothy 100

Mr. & Mrs. Corey Olsen 25

Robert F. Dunn, Love, Todd, Lauren &
Christopher Paro 25

Tom DuBois, Love His Family 100

My Husband Richard Wheeler by Wife
Lily 50

My Parents Anna Mae & Frankie Miller
and my Brother Frank Miller Jr. From
Bobbie 100

Mary, Dan & Toula From Dottie 10

Kim Howard from Mom & Sister Wendy 10


Anonymous 25

Anonymous 50

In Lieu of Cards

Merry Christmas to Family, friends & neighbors from Mary & Dave Rennie & Shirley Campana 25

Soldier On Dinner: $5,000

Today's total: $4,752

Total to date: $27,707

Needed to reach goal: $17,293