To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Is it time for elected officials to come to the aid of the Berkshires by campaigning for a casino and destination family resort complex at Greylock Glen in Adams? With the Berkshires becoming more and more of a tourist destination, wouldn’t a casino be the crowning answer to a year-round family resort? As a long-time resident of Pittsfield, I can’t think of a better place than Greylock Glen. Why don’t we look at the possibilities?

Not a great deal has to be said for adults and gaming. I am sure there are enough case studies as to the amount of revenue that could be brought to the Berkshires. Like the other casinos, there would be shows with headline entertainers. A world class hotel would be needed to accommodate the people participating in all the activities. Because of the size of the glen, there would be adequate space for a conference center as well as floor space for trade shows.

There could be an indoor, year-round water park, rock climbing and other games and activities for the young. With the glen an easy drive from Albany, Springfield and Hartford, it would make for an easy family day trip.

To attract people to the Berkshires there would need to be a PGA championship golf course, which through television would expose the Berkshires to golfers around the world. Fencing off the greens for protection in winter would make acres of cross-country skiing available. Alpine skiing can’t be overlooked as Greylock Glen is at the bottom of the Thunderbolt Ski trail, making a limited amount of skiing available. There could be a shuttle to Jiminy Peak, and what more interesting aprés skiing than a night at the gambling tables or a live show?

In addition to all the NIMBYs there will be people howling about traffic. Well, this will be the perfect time to get the bypass built around Pittsfield. It is coming on 50 years since a bypass for Pittsfield was first talked about, so this resort project should give the powers that be the kick in the pants to get the bypass in the works. Securing a bond for construction should be no problem using future gambling proceeds for backing. Between the resort construction and road building there will be numerous jobs created. There will also be other employment possibilities for people to work at the resort.

So will the elected politicians of the Berkshires realize that a casino needs to be brought to the real Western Massachusetts? This type of resort is long overdue in the Berkshires. Let us move while there is a good chance to make Greylock Glen work.