To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Selflessness: Acting with less concern for yourself than for the success of others. It is a quality my father [former Pittsfield Boys & Girls Club executive director Peter Bell] will always possess, which only makes me admire your character more every day. In the face of one of the hardest decisions of your life, you continue to display this quality so few have. Although I may not agree with you in this moment, it makes me gain a whole new respect for you not only as a father, but as a leader in our community. I know you feel that you need to protect our family by giving us little detail to what is going on, but I also feel the need to find answers myself. I need these answers and the chance to speak on your behalf in order to support you in your decision just as you have done for me.

I am not sure if I can look at this and say I will ever be OK with your choice, but for you, I will keep my promise. I will finish school in the spring and I will not allow this to take opportunities from myself or the rest of the family that you worked so hard to provide us with. In doing so, you must now in turn make me a promise. Promise to never lose your sense of selflessness. They may have stripped you of your position, but you must continue to fight to better the kids of Pittsfield. It is what you have dedicated your life to and I can’t let this stop you.

As my dad, as a friend, as a leader, you have shown me, as well as the Pittsfield community, what it truly means to hold the characteristic of self-sacrifice. Unlike a job title, that is something no one can take away.