To the editor of THE EAGLE:

My husband and I went downtown last Saturday night for dinner at J. Allen’s. We wanted to support our North Street businesses. My husband left me off, he thought, in front of the restaurant. I had to walk back to the end near the crosswalk to get to the sidewalk. The snow and lack of shoveled places was a joke. There is parking all along that side of the street from Berkshire Bank, the Newberry store all the way past Hot Harry’s. There were two shoveled walkways to get to the sidewalk. My husband parked at the end near 7 North Street and stepped into the snow up to his knees to reach the sidewalk.

How can people support North Street businesses if you have to ruin clothes to do it? Since then of course it has rained and the snow is gone, but, what about the next time?

Either the city is lax about cleanup or the businesses are. Next snowfall we may think twice about doing business downtown.