PERU -- The members of this town's tiny community are incensed at the mysterious shooting last week of "Hercules," a 10-month-old white Pyrenees puppy owned by Linda Murphy.

Murphy, who has posted her story on her Facebook page, is asking that anyone who knows anything about the incident contact the Peru police at (413) 655-8377 or Peru Animal Control at (413) 655-8092.

Apparently, the dog went missing on Sunday. Hercules showed up on Monday night, shot through the jaw. The dog had to be put down a few hours later.

Murphy reported that the dog "was everything to my daughters.

"He was still a baby," she wrote.

The Facebook post has recieved dozens of replies, all in support of Murphy and sympathizing with her for her loss. But so far, no one has stepped forward.

Efforts to reach Murphy were unsuccessful. A message to Peru police was not returned as of press time.