To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I was sad to read in Brian Sullivan's Dec. 26 column that Morningside Bakery has closed its doors.

As a transplanted New Yorker, I was used to bakeries in every neighborhood. Now as a Pittsfield resident, I have to shop for baked goods at the large supermarkets.

Morningside Bakery was the saving grace and I have fond memories of the place. They made the delicious chocolate ganache cake for my son's wedding and guests are still talking about the best wedding cake they ever tasted. And at the Jewish holiday of Chanukah, its the custom to eat oil-fried foods like potato pancakes and jelly donuts. Morningside had large delicious fluffy donuts oozing with jelly. Now the only jelly donuts to be found are at supermarkets and D. D's. Sad.