To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Norman Rockwell’s legacy is still evolving and will continue to be shaped for years to come. It does not belong to the Berkshires, let alone to Stockbridge and certainly not to the Norman Rockwell Museum based there.

Deborah Solomon’s contribution in her recent biographical study (for better or worse) is just one piece of the mosaic. It’s therefore surprising that a museum aspiring to cultural excellence should either champion the conclusions of the book or on the other hand seek to evade responsibility for such assertions.

Unfortunately, the op-ed piece by [museum director and CEO] Laurie Norton Moffat in Sunday’s Eagle, which might have clarified these issues, left them untouched and unresolved by launching a counter-attack in defense of the museum. This confused stance leaves us wondering "Which is it? What does the museum stand for?"

As long as these questions are unanswered, they will continue to put the focus on the museum rather than on the man and his legacy.