To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Open letter to Laurie Norton Moffatt:

Dear Ms. Moffatt: After reading Thomas and Abigail Rockwell's opinion piece in the Dec. 26 Eagle I feel compelled to speak out to you as the director and CEO of the Norman Rockwell Museum and state my extreme disappointment that under your leadership the museum both sponsored a book launch event for Deborah Solomon's book, and, according to the front page piece in the Dec. 26 Eagle, "endorsed" this so-called biography.

I simply can't imagine that you actually read this book cover to cover prior to the museum's actions. After reading both Jim Therrien's article and Thomas and Abigail Rockwell's heartfelt public statement on behalf of the Normal Rockwell Family Agency, I am appalled that the museum has not reversed its book endorsement position to the point of removing this book from your shelves and forwarded a written apology to the Rockwell family members -- and the entire Berkshire community for that matter.

I have visited the Rockwell Museum many times. Following one of the immigrant citizen swearing-in ceremonies held in front of Rockwell's "The Four Freedoms" I spoke with you about the importance of the occasion and how appropriate is was for the museum be the host for such an event.

Now, to learn the museum helped launch Solomon's book which includes such a bizarre fantasy about Rockwell's "Freedom of Speech" is immeasurably disappointing! I am in total agreement with professor Patrick Toner's (Wake Forest University) review of this book when he states, "Solomon has a pronounced tendency to either distort or simply ignore evidence to the contrary."

How unfortunate that the Rockwell Museum chose to become closely associated with a book that seems eager to compromise the very nature of a Berkshire and American icon but what was the museum's purpose in "endorsing" this publication.