Thursday, Jan. 23

n 8:45 a.m.: Police investigate juvenile offenses at Herberg Middle School on Pomeroy Avenue. Services are rendered.

n 11:10 a.m.: Police initiate a motor vehicle stop at the Rainbow Restaurant on First Street. The vehicle is towed.

n 11:31 a.m.: Police investigate a disturbance on Glenwood Avenue. Party is transported to the hospital.

n 1:10 p.m.: Police perform school checks at Crosby Elementary School on West Street. Services are rendered.

n 2:23 p.m.: Police investigate a disturbance at the Windsor House Apartments on Bradford Street. Peace is restored.

n 3:08 p.m.: A structure fire is reported on McArthur Street. Services are rendered.

n 4:54 p.m.: Police investigate soliciting/panhandling at Berkshire Crossing on Hubbard Avenue. Services are rendered.

n 5:50 p.m.: An activated fire alarm is reported at Mission Bar and Tapas on North Street. Services are rendered.

n 7:16 p.m.: Police investigate suspicious activity at Burbank Park on Lakeway Drive. Verbal advisement is issued.

n 8:12 p.m.: Police investigate shoplifting at the Family Dollar on North Street. Services are rendered.

n 10:52 p.m.: Police arrest Timothy G. Greenleaf, 23, of Williams Street, and Joshua K. Beebe, 22, of Maple Street, Hinsdale. They are both charged with possession of a Class A substance.


Editor’s Note: This is a partial list compiled from Pittsfield Police Department records. A charge is not a conviction. All persons listed are innocent until proven guilty. Charges can be amended or dismissed.