LENOX -- The Boston Symphony Orchestra doesn't officially return to Tanglewood until July, but musicians and staff are already looking for local housing options.

The BSO is seeking furnished Berkshire accommodations for its orchestra members this summer. Those interested in providing lodging options can download a 2014 Tanglewood Housing Form at www.bso.org.

The Tanglewood season generally takes place in July and August, but some staff members arrive in June, and often stay through Labor Day.

The BSO keeps a rental book in the Orchestra Personnel Office. When staff or orchestra members are interested in a listing, they, not the BSO, make direct arrangements with the landlord.

Staff members may occasionally look at properties on behalf of a small handful of Tanglewood Music Center faculty who live outside of Massachusetts. The BSO does not share housing information with general patrons or ticket buyers. Rental listings are not posted online.

Because the Tanglewood season is so short, BSO musicians and staff are usually looking for fully furnished rentals that come with linens, towels and kitchenware.

The BSO has singles, couples and families looking for housing. Most prefer private accommodations, but property owners can submit listings for any type of rental.

BSO staffers frequently begin looking at Berkshire properties in the spring. Appropriate rental prices are listed on the BSO's website.


The BSO's 2014 Tanglewood season opens with a performance by soprano Renee Fleming, scheduled to sing the National Anthem at today's Super Bowl, on July 5. The BSO's final performance is scheduled for Aug. 24.

Completed Tanglewood Housing Forms can be sent to the BSO by email to housing@bso.org, or by fax at (617) 638-9326. For more information, call the BSO at (617) 638-9326.