To the editor of THE EAGLE:

It was very educational and timely to see the illustration in the Jan. 24 Berkshire Eagle ("Don’t just sit there," New Year, New You.)

A recent study has compared the ill effects of sitting as "the new smoking." Your illustration superbly demonstrated the dangers of extended sitting in combination with poor posture.

As a chiropractor, I continually try to motivate patients to exercise and practice better posture. In this technological age, so many individuals, especially young children and teens (not to mention adults) spend large chunks of time with the head down while using a hand-held device. Poor posture on the desktop computer also contributes to so much back and neck pain that spinal complaints have become a virtual epidemic.

The actual shape of the curve in the neck is now being altered because of these habits and can negatively affect a growing child’s spinal health and nervous system.

Seeing a chiropractor can make sense for the spinal problems that will occur in this scenario, but even more so, becoming aware of these habits and taking positive action steps to reduce the negative impact of computers and other devices with exercise and simple movements can go a long way to improve people’s health.

Everyone should keep that illustration close by as a reminder!



The writer practices at Berkshire Chiropractic Services.