To the editor of THE EAGLE:

For newspaper readers in the northern latitudes of Berkshire County it's sad and historically significant to lose the Transcript and the Advocate in one fell swoop (right after the late-lamented News Room on Williamstown's Spring Street). For a combined total of 200 years these papers have closely covered town issues, promptly published local press releases, celebrated our citizens and events and landscape in photographs, and demonstrated a feel for our communities. At their best they contributed greatly to our intellectual and cultural life and our identity as a mini-region. It will be challenging for one newspaper to chronicle our entire county as intimately as that, digging into issues and following stories over time.

The Eagle, though, already has a good model in its thorough and excellent countywide sports reporting. We hope the paper will commit in the same way to searching out many other types of issues and stories, and to covering them in depth.