To the editor of THE EAGLE:

We’re writing to express our concern about the Lightship Energy application and the potential impact on the beauty of this region, not just Peru.

We’ve owned our home in Worthington for more than 15 years and are concerned that if Peru’s Zoning Board of Appeals capitulates to the multiple variances requested in Lightship’s application that Peru would be only the first of the local towns to fall victim to this sort of development. We don’t want to see turbines across the hilltowns.

We’re supporters of reasonable renewable and clean energy but as health care professionals we think that the proposal for such unprecedented wind turbines is completely out of character with our surroundings. Turbines of this size should not be located near homes and families for the often cited negative effects to health and we’d be happy to not see this sort of industrial encroachment into our bucolic vistas. We hope that the application is denied.