PITTSFIELD -- Despite efforts to attract minority candidates, only one person of color has thus far applied for the three principal positions in Pittsfield schools.

Superintendent Jason "Jake" McCandless gave School Committee members an update on the search. He reported that the advertisements had attracted 18 applicants for the job at Conte Community School, 25 for Allendale Elementary School and 20 for Herberg Middle School.

According to the posting, a screening committee was to begin reviewing the applications on Feb. 10, but the positions would remain open until officials believe they have the right principal candidates.

Of those who applied, McCandless said, six seeking the Conte post, seven applying for the Allendale job and seven seeking the Herberg principalship met all of the basic requirements the school system is hoping to find in leaders for those schools.

"Only one person of color has applied," the superintendent said.

Facing criticism over the small number of African-American educators in Pittsfield schools and in municipal departments, city and school officials have broadened searches for new employees, particularly through publications or websites with a diverse readership.

For the school system, that has meant joining and posting jobs with the Massachusetts Partnership for Diversity in Education, as well as advertising with