To the editor of THE EAGLE:

If beauty is truth and truth beauty, one need look no further than the front page photo of The New York Times, from Thursday March 6, Staring out at us is a photo of a young woman who resides in Bennington, Vt. Her look is one of distant foreboding and existential retreat. Her eyes reveal a reality of physical and spiritual isolation, brought about no doubt, by the addictive use of heroin.


This descriptive term is used because it’s true. The story is being told front and center about what is happening all around us, and by extension, to us.

Spring will return soon to the Berkshires and beyond. Already birds are beginning to announce their presence, as the symphony of nature ushers in yet another season of rebirth.


The young woman from Bennington Vt. has a story to tell us as well. Look at her very closely. See what she has to say, too.