To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I was very pleased to hear of Arrowhead starting up the farm again on its property. I had the pleasure of being involved with the restoration of Herman Melville’s home and knew it had been seeking someone to farm the land for some time.

While I understand that not all aspects of farming are appealing to all, especially when it comes to raising animals for meat, I respect the opinions of those who may find it difficult to deal with, especially when they view a specific animal as a companion. At the same time those people also need to respect and value the opinions and freedom of people to use animals for their meat to sustain life.

Hunting or raising animals for meat to nourish and feed your family does not make one a bloodthirsty barbarian incapable of compassion. In fact it’s the exact opposite. Animals should be treated ethically, cared for and even loved, especially the ones we are going to eat!