To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Another tragic loss as the result of the closing of our beloved North Adams Regional Hospital was our rarely mentioned volunteer program and its volunteers who so freely and diligently give of their time, talent and treasure year after year. The program was a most valuable service and definitely an asset to our hospital and community.

On many occasions we were told that the hospital could not function without us. Many volunteers traveled long distances, some from out of state, for many years in the hope that in some small way they were contributing to the smooth operation of the facility. A prime example of this dedication is 99-years-young Jane Marino, who for 40 years has volunteered in many capacities, most recently every Wednesday morning for four hours in our copy center. It is our hope that she can celebrate her 100th birthday still serving as a devoted volunteer.

None of us has given up on volunteering. We still have our name tags and are ready to put them back on. Please give us this chance.