To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Attended a meeting about the new gas pipeline over in Richmond. Nice town. Sat down and listened.

After a while I felt something crawling up my leg. I stepped outside, pulled up a pant leg, met this little fellow. Said his name was "Pipeline Tick."

Pipeline Tick

I’m "Pipeline Tick,"

A Richmond feature

Of climate change,

So glad to meet ya.

I’m "Pipeline Tick,"

My kind is swarming,

’Cuz fossil fuels,

Cause global warming.

I’m "Pipeline Tick,"

I’ll drink your health,

Through a new pipeline

Cross the Commonwealth.

I’m "Pipeline Tick,"

I have such fun,

In pockets down,

In Washington.

I’m "Pipeline Tick,"

Just feel me dance,

I see London,

I see France.

I’m "Pipeline Tick,"

From Richmond Hill,

Cross the Commonwealth,

You’ll foot my bill.

I’m "Pipeline Tick,"

How I feel your pain,

The children’s future,

Who to blame.