NORTH ADAMS -- A Dover Street resident is being held on $25,000 bail after he allegedly strangled his live-in girlfriend on Saturday.

Police charged Richard Ladouceur, Jr., 24, with attempted murder, assault and battery, assault with a dangerous weapon, intimidating a witness, and threatening to commit a crime after the alleged victim reported the incident early Saturday morning.

The woman, who walked-in to the police station to file the complaint, led police to the couple's Dover Street apartment. Officers discovered a hatchet, samurai sword, and knives that the alleged victim had said she was threatened with, according to North Adams Police Lt. David Sacco.

Sacco also noted the alleged victim suffered injuries consistent with strangulation.

"The officers conducted an investigation at the apartment, located the weapons that were allegedly involved [and] he was arrested," Sacco said.

Ladouceur will be arraigned in Northern Berkshire District Court this week.