To the editor of THE EAGLE:

It has been over a year since the devastating fire at the Curtis in Lenox which caused over $500,000 in damages. Fifty-three tenants were displaced and forced to find temporary shelters; it was 25 days before they could return to their own apartments. Most of these people were seniors, many in their 80s or even 90s; others were disabled.

It was reported, reliably, at the time, that the fire had been deliberately set. It was also reported that it was known who had set the fire, and where that person was.

This was a case of arson, and arson is a felony, yet there have been no reports of any arrests made in this case or of any attempt to bring the person responsible to justice. I would like to know why not.

If there are extenuating circumstances, those could be -- and should be -- made public, but in a court of law. Because no one should be above the law.