To the editor of THE EAGLE:

These past couples of weeks there have been many complaints in the Eagle about the Beacon Cinema. Every movie theater that I've ever been to has a no outside food or drink policy clearly in place. So why is everyone so shocked when they actually get in trouble for blatantly violating the rules? The May 10 editorial "Peace at the Beacon" was the kicker. Why should the opera patrons be treated differently than the "Spider-Man 2" patrons? That's discriminatory.

Regardless of your perceived social and/or economic status, you broke the rules, you got busted, get over it. Everyone knows that a large portion of movie theater profits come from their snacks and drinks. Are they overpriced? Most definitely. Did you know this ahead of time? Obviously, that's why you tried to bring your own in.

Maybe theater managers weren't as polite as you wanted them to be. I'm sure after having dealt with this day after day, their patience have been worn pretty thin for customers who have absolutely no respect for their rules and policies.

If you don't want to play by their rules then get a NetFlix subscription and stay home where you can have all the low-priced snacks your hearts desire.