To the editor of THE EAGLE:

It is now abundantly, nay, nauseatingly, clear that Re publicans of all stripes, especially those in the U.S. Congress, will stop at nothing to destroy the presidency of Barack Obama. (Surprisingly, even such an august columnist as Maureen Dowd is also having a go at him these days.)

The Republicans, having failed to prevent his re-election, deny and obstruct at every turn, culminating now in that frivolous lawsuit against the president himself. The Re publicans seem to demand, in effect, that Obama and his presidency be wiped from the slate of history. This effort is doomed to failure, even if Obama's enormous accomplishments (leadership out of the Great Recession, the Affordable Care Act are but two examples) are cast into the shadows.

He remains a singular and powerful figure. Barack Obama will, inescapably and forever, be the first black president of these United States. This achievement cannot be taken from him. No man can take his place.