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    Final edition.
    A newspaper is an amazing creation that happened here every day. The North Adams Transcript, created in 1843, was the embodiment of Northern Berkshire County for 171 years. Hundreds of thousands -- perhaps millions -- of these pages have chronicled the joys and heartbreaks of the region, along with every tidbit of news in between. Full Story

    From the Sept. 27, 1897, edition. The laying of the corner stone of the new memorial and public building at Adams was an event for the "south village" that has not been equaled in its history. It was also an event for the northend, for hundreds from this city went down to attend the exercises. The stone was laid by President McKinley, and the exercises were of unusual interest. Full Story

    THE HOOSAC TUNNEL. This triumph of man over the power of nature needs no introduction to the American tourist. Those who pass through it in well-lighted coaches, and look into the outer darkness rendered visible by 1,200 electric lights that seem like fire-flies, little realize what years of toil, and what Full Story

    From the Oct. 22, 1914, edition. Blessed by Nature with her richest gifts, favored with the notice of history, praised and appreciated by those who have seen its beauty and Full Story

    May 16, 1955, TRANSCRIPT: CLARK ART INSTITUTE IS FORMALLY OPENED TO PUBLIC 60 Invited Guests At Ribbon-Cutting Rites in W'mstown
    From the May 16, 1955, edition. The doors of the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute were opened to the public yesterday afternoon in a brief, informal ceremony attended by 60 invited guests. Starting tomorrow morning the art institute, located on South Street will be open daily, with the exception of Mondays, from 10 to 5 o'clock, to the general public. Full Story

    May 18, 1955, TRANSCRIPT: Marcia Will Open W'mstown Summer Theater on June 28th
    From the May 18, 1955, edition. Marcia Henderson, who is featured with Peter Lawford in TV's "Dear Phoebe" series, will open the Williamstown Theatre Foundation's 10-week summer session with the lead role in "Time of the Cuckoo." by Arthur Laurents. The play will run from Tuesday, June 28, through Saturday, July 2. Full Story

    From the Sept. 20, 1984, edition. NORTH ADAMS -- Wide spread rumors were confirmed this morning as Sprague Electric Co. announced the future elimination of 50 to 75 jobs as its filter division plant on Marshall Street in an effort to consolidate the work at other locations. Official notifications of the future layoffs came after employees met with company officials at 10 a. Full Story

    From the Feb. 14, 1987, edition. NORTH ADAMS -- "I've been dancing for five years, and I'll tell you one thing -- I love North Adams!" The dancer, wearing a G-string that is barely wider than his moustache, leaves the microphone amid a chorus of high pitched shouts and gets back to loving North Adams. Full Story

    From the May 29, 1999, edition. NORTH ADAMS -- Depressi on, two distinct incarnations, three governors, and enough editorial huffing and puffing to blow down an entire factory complex. "You can crush it under your shoe, you can spray it with Raid, you can drown it in the toilet, but it just won't die," opined one disgruntled Boston Globe columnist in 1990. Full Story

    Martin Langeveld: On merging the North Adams Transcript and The Berkshire Eagle
    As some readers will know, I did a stint as publisher at the Transcript from 2000 until 2006, when I left to become publisher at the Brattleboro (Vt.) Reformer. But my involvement with the Transcript started well before I moved into that very cold corner office. Back in 1978, I started working at The Berkshire Eagle for the Miller family, which had owned that paper since 1892. Full Story

    David Nahan: North County, make your voices heard
    North Adams and surrounding communities lose an important voice when their daily newspaper is folded into The Berkshire Eagle. Closing the North Adams Transcript is a loss. Newspapers have distinctive voices that reflect their home base. The North Adams Transcript goes back some 170 years and is unique as the communities it served. Full Story

    Jim Therrien: On working at my hometown newspaper
    It was a newsroom that could only be replicated with difficulty today, even in a film. To paraphrase the Righteous Brothers, time -- and technology -- can do so much. I was an intern and then a staff reporter at the North Adams Transcript during the late 1970s. Those were its last few years under the Hardman family, during what can only be described as a boom era for Full Story

    Bill Everhart: In newspapers, always a new dawn
    Following a brief, ill-considered and miserable experience in corporate public relations, I was able to get back to where I once belonged courtesy of the North Adams Transcript. I was in newspaper journalism again, with a renewed appreciation of the craft and about to learn just how good a small-town paper could be. Full Story

    Joe Day: A farewell to the Transcript, my hometown paper
    Ever since I entered the abbey at Saint Anselm College, I've tried to keep up with news from home by checking in periodically with The North Adams Transcript. Even though life now is filled with parish concerns as a Catholic pastor, monastery business as a monk and college issues as an English and communication professor, the ink somehow got into my blood. Full Story

    Kris Dufour: On the fields, for dreams
    Often, I fondly refer to the North Adams Transcript as the Little Engine That Could. It chugged along for 170-plus years, thanks to you the faithful reader. And please, there really is no mistake about it, as with anything, it’s the people that made those 170 years so special. Not just the people who toiled for the newspaper, but those who read it every day, or three times a week, or Full Story

    Big smile in Denver bank robbery suspect mug shot

    DENVER (AP) — The mug shot of a man captured after trying to flee a bank robbery in Denver shows him flashing a broad, toothy grin. Full Story
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    Nicole Kidman reveals heartbreak at father's death

    SYDNEY (AP) — Nicole Kidman revealed she was heartbroken over the death of her father this month and thanked well-wishers for their comforting thoughts and prayers. Full Story
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    Amanda Bynes arrested on suspicion of DUI

    Say it ain’t so: The actress who seemed on the mend after rehab is busted in San Fernando Valley after stopping car in middle of an intersection.