The cover of the May 29, 1897, Transcript.
The cover of the May 29, 1897, Transcript.

A newspaper is an amazing creation that happened here every day.

The North Adams Transcript, created in 1843, was the embodiment of Northern Berkshire County for 171 years. Hundreds of thousands -- perhaps millions -- of these pages have chronicled the joys and heartbreaks of the region, along with every tidbit of news in between. It's impossible to conceive in the mind's eye or through the greatest of imaginations, but here it happened.

One should know that the editors, reporters, and photographers whose names graced these pages over the years were committed to serving you, the community. Each one came to this newspaper with a tireless dedication and a singular goal -- to tell your story.

We are happy to report they succeeded in that endeavor. We thank you for being part of that success story, which is, after all, yours.

Though this may be its final edition, this does not end the North Adams Transcript's legacy. On Monday, The Berkshire Eagle will incorporate the Transcript's 171 years of journalism and community leadership to carry its legacy into the future.

We thank you, dear readers, for your dedication and your desire to have your stories be told. Together, we are part of this amazing creation.

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