From the May 16, 1955, edition.

The doors of the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute were opened to the public yesterday afternoon in a brief, informal ceremony attended by 60 invited guests.

Starting tomorrow morning the art institute, located on South Street will be open daily, with the exception of Mondays, from 10 to 5 o'clock, to the general public. There will be no admission fee.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sterling Clark, donors of the institute, participated in the opening. Rev. Dr. William G. Cole, chaplain at Williams college, gave the invocation following which Mrs. Clark cut a ribbon across the main entrance. The door was then unlocked by Mr. Clark. Helen Guille, daughter of Peter Guille, manager and curator of the institute, and Mrs. Guille, presented the scissors used by Mrs. Clark and the key, used by Mr. Clark, to them on an antique silver tray.

The guests viewed the exhibits in the first two rooms of the museum to be opened, following which refreshments were served.

Among the guests were Dr. and Mrs. James P. Baxter, 3rd; Mr. and Mrs. Henry N. Flynt of Greenwich, Conn.; Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Foehl; Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Makepeace; Governor's Councilor Bruce Crane and Mrs. Crane; Rep. Richard A. Ruether and Mrs. Ruether; Atty. and Mrs. Valmore O. Cote; and Mr. and Mrs. John F. Treadway.

Representing the town were Selectman Frank A. Mason and Henry A. Montgomery, who were accompanied by Mrs. Mason and Mrs. Montgomery.


Present from the art department at Williams College were Dr. S. Lane Faison and Mrs. Faison, Dr. Whitney Stoddard and Mrs. Stoddard, Dr. William Pierson and Mrs. Pierson, Stephen McNichol and Mrs. McNichol and Frank A. Trapp.