To the editor of THE EAGLE:

In regards to July 9 Eagle story stating in a sub-head that Peru voters "reject an amendment that would have lowered the amount of noise allowed to be generated by wind facilities," we actually rejected a bylaw amendment that would have raised the noise threshold from 40 to 45 decibels and allowed a wind farm to be built in our town.

Somehow, there was confusion about the current bylaw, because it allows for 60 decibels of noise 15 minutes a day. The wind developer tried to convince the voters that the town could get sued, and a judge could decide to choose the higher limit of 60 decibels, as the intent of the bylaw. Therefore, we needed to vote for the new bylaw to protect our town from a lawsuit.

Somehow, that makes their 45 decibel limit lower than the current limit. This scare tactic didn't work because the voters of Peru weren't as naive as the wind developer thought. JOHN DITOMASSO