Did you ski this past weekend? If you did, at some point in your day you probably found yourself picking your way down a slope through thick fog. The clouds were hanging tough and low over much of the Northeast.

We've seen a lot of that this season, more than anyone really expected -- or wanted. Most of us would much prefer to have our vision limited by lots of falling snow, not fog, when we ski.

Skiing in fog can be fun sometimes. Almost mystical. You float along silently in a world of white on white with the ghostly shapes of trees and lift towers and other skiers materializing and de-materializing around you.

But you have to take it slow because you can't really see where you are going all that well.

And you keep your fingers crossed that the other folks on the slopes with you are taking it slow, too.

Skiing is a sport of controlled risks and one of the risks you can't control on the slopes is the behavior of others.

Given all this, it seems appropriate that Jan. 19-27, is National Safety Week (www.nsaa.org/safe ty-programs/national-safety-week) sponsored by the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA). Especially right after a foggy weekend, this is a good chance for all of us to remind each other that skiing safely is everyone's responsibility.

The NSAA has developed and actively promotes the idea of individual responsibility on the slopes with its Your Responsibility Code (check out